Our Values

Berman Hebrew Academy was created to serve the unique educational needs of the Modern Orthodox community of the Greater Washington D.C. area.

From our inception, we have made an unwavering commitment to providing the very best in general and Judaic studies. Over the last 76 years, that founding vision has helped shape thousands of students into active, engaged members and leaders of their communities.

Our Values

Academic Excellence

Chochma (wisdom) is measured not simply by what our students know, but by what they can do with what they know. As such, activities, exercises and assessments are all designed to measure how students synthesize, weigh, apply and deploy the knowledge and skills.

Religious Commitment

We equip our students with religious purpose, skills, routines, and responsibilities so they can continue a life of Torah. We inspire students who are deeply committed to the Land and State of Israel, its history, culture, people, and language.

Character Development

We offer our students social and emotional guidance, tools, and resources needed to forge both a healthy sense of self and healthy relationships with others. We instill derech eretz and a deep sense of achrayut for ourselves, each other, the Jewish community, and people around the world.

Berman graduates are prepared to lead their lives as religiously committed Jews and citizens of the world who:

  • know how to learn and love to learn Torah;
  • pursue their highest levels of academic, personal, and professional success;
  • are deeply engaged in synagogue and communal life;
  • are deeply committed to the Land and State of Israel, its history, culture, people, and language;
  • exhibit the highest levels of moral conduct, tzedaka, and chesed.

We build our success in the areas of academic excellence, religious commitment, and character development. Our commitment in each of these areas is responsive to the needs of each student and takes into account the requirements for each of our students to succeed in a 21st century world.