פרשת כי תצא – August 28-29, 2020

August 28, 2020

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Times listed are for the Greater Washington D.C. Area.

Candle lighting:         7:25 pm
Shabbat ends:           8:26 pm

Hearing the Shofar each day of Elul is a Minhag designed to remind us that the King is coming to visit soon! 


Family Learning

  1. What is given to a בכור?

    (דברים כא:יז)

  2. What is a בן סורר ומורה?

    (דברים כא:יח-כא)

  3. What is his punishment? (דברים כא:כא)
  4. Based on the words of the פסוק, why did he get such a severe punishment?

     (דברים כא:כא. עין רש”י)

  5. What do you do if you find a lost object that costs money to maintain? (דברים כב:א-ג)
  6. What must be done, and with whom, if one sees the animal of their enemy fallen under its load? (דברים כב:ד. עין רש”י)
  7. What ברכה is says when putting a fence on a flat roof? (רמב”ם הלכות רחצה יא:א-ה)  [Also can be found in the Artscroll סדור]
  8. Which מצוה teaches us that a male may not wear clothing of a female or vice versa?

     (דברים כב:ד)

  9. Why does the תורה forbid wearing the clothing of the opposite gender? (דברים רש”י כב:ד)
  10. When must one wear ציצית? (דברים כב:יב)
  11. Why is the מצוה of ציצית mentioned right after the מצוה of שעטנז?
  12. What may a worker eat while working? (דברים כג:כה)

Discussion Question:

All of Sefer Devarim is applicable to all of the Jewish people. It was Moshe’s final speech to ALL of the Jewish nation. Yet, in this week’s Parsha we find the Mitzvot of Marriage. Marriage is both modest and person and definitely NOT public. Why does it appear in Sefer Devarim? 

Additional FUN resources on the Parsha including videos, coloring sheets and much more!


This Week’s Comic

Every week, we will be sending a Parsha comic from cartoonist, Andrew Galitzer. If you would like to sponsor a future comic for $18, Andrew will donate half to Berman Hebrew Academy. Please let us know.

You can print the coloring sheet and fill in Andrew’s comic, or you can add your own words!