Aspen Hill Community

Aspen Hill is home not only to the Berman Hebrew Academy, but also to a vibrant, growing, Modern Orthodox congregation known as Kehilat Pardes – The Rock Creek Synagogue. The synagogue enjoys a unique relationship with the Berman Hebrew Academy. Housed within the school, the growth of the community is one of our school’s core strategic initiatives.
The congregation is home to over 80 families, has its own Eruv and Mikvah, and is affiliated with the Orthodox Union. Rabbi Uri (alum‘96) and Dr. Dahlia Topolosky are the spiritual leaders of the synagogue.

We welcome guests and visitors to experience our diverse community, and hope you will consider making Aspen Hill your future home!

To learn more about the community, visit www.kehilatpardes.org. The synagogue has offices within the school building, and can be contacted directly at (301) 962.1360 or via email at: office@kehilatpardes.org. You can reach Rabbi Topolosky directly at ext.745 or at Rabbi@kehilatpardes.org.

To see up to the minute homes that are available within the eruv, visit http://eruvhomesmd.com/aspenhill, courtesy of Barbara Ciment, Realtor. Future expansions to the Eruv are always possible.

“We moved to Aspen Hill in August 2015 after living in downtown DC for several years, with a partial detour through Philadelphia. While Ari dreamt of a house in the suburbs, Miki always dreaded the prospect of leaving city life… until we came for a prospective family Shabbat in Aspen Hill and decided that we want to raise our children here. Affordability and proximity to school are of course big draws (life without carpool!). Convenient kosher infrastructure, metro, and Rock Creek Park are all big pluses too. But most importantly we are excited to join the community that Rabbi Uri and Dahlia Topolosky are growing. They made us feel welcome right away. With their enthusiasm and sincerity, they are powerful magnets for families seeking a warm, inclusive, and uplifting Jewish community.”

– Miki and Ari Moskowitz