Lower School

Students in the Lower School (grades K-5) enjoy the room to run, grow, explore, and imagine as they work toward reaching their own potential.

Whether that’s in the classroom, on a field trip, in a guidance lesson with our full-time counselor, or during a Shabbat or holiday program. By meeting each child’s needs, teaching essential skills, providing a safe and embracing environment, cultivating intellectual curiosity, and promoting middot and Jewish values, the Lower School equips each child with the tools necessary to succeed.

We emphasize the value of community in our programs, pairing older students with younger students to work on social skills and community building. Our rigorous and comprehensive general studies curriculum is designed to ensure that all students build the fundamental skills of literacy, math, and social studies.

Additionally, our STEM program brings elements of math and science to our classroom projects across the Lower School curriculum.

Judaic studies in the Lower School are aimed at striking the delicate balance between skill-building and Jewish connection.

Special programs supplement our rigorous Judaic studies curriculum by encouraging children to build their foundation of Jewish general knowledge (connecting with the young Jewish mind), and by helping students feel joy about their Jewish learning (connecting with the young Jewish soul).