Rabbi Moshe H. Levinson Upper School

At Berman, we strive to create a student-centered educational experience in which all students can learn al pi darkam, according to their own way.

We recognize the uniqueness of every student as they are created b’tzelem Elokim, in the image of God, and seek to help each student reach beyond the limits of his/her individual potential to grow and thrive.

We believe fundamentally that true education is not limited to the subjects that a student studies in the classroom, but defines his/her complete development as a human being.

Our educational approach permeates every aspect of student life in the Rabbi Moshe H. Levinson Upper School. Students learn from teachers who are committed to academic excellence and who inspire students to expand the scope of their knowledge and skills. Our exceptional Judaic and general studies programs challenge each of our students in ways that are appropriate for them, and prepare them for life beyond Berman in yeshivot, seminaries, and top universities.

Our wide range of extra-curricular activities including chesed (community service), shabbatonim and chagigot (Shabbat retreats and celebrations), athletics, and the arts provide students with opportunities to pursue their passions outside of the classroom, build community, and develop spiritually.

Driven by our five core values of Torah, Chochmah, Derech Eretz, Israel, and Acharayut, we help to nurture young Jewish adults.

They are committed, compassionate, and connected members of Klal Yisrael, who understand the importance of their roles in the Jewish and global communities and who endeavor to improve the world around them with intellectual curiosity, respect for Jewish tradition, and love of humankind.