Learning Support

At the heart of our Educational Support Services is the belief that all children can learn and thrive.

We celebrate that all students have unique learning styles. Each child is a vital member of our community and deserves the best Modern Orthodox Jewish education we can provide.  We strive to work with staff in all divisions to grow each child academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

We are committed to accomplish this without compromising on academic excellence. We work to adapt, modify and enhance the dual curriculum to meet a child’s individual learning needs. Our experienced support staff meets these needs using a multi-faceted approach.

At Berman, you will find that our team, which includes administrators, teachers, learning specialists and guidance counselors, challenges our children academically without frustrating them. This creates an environment which stimulates learning, encourages a sense of community through social interaction, and builds personal self-esteem and midot.

We look forward to working with each child to help meet and exceed his or her expectations and fully realize his or her potential.