We are Berman

Students at Berman Hebrew Academy gain so much more than a thorough grounding in secular and Judaic academics; they receive a deep grounding in Torah values and middot, the Jewish learning and character-building principles that guide our lives. And because Berman’s modern Orthodox approach is imbued with Zionist values, our students gain a love of Israel, which becomes a central part of their Jewish identities.

Berman’s integrated Judaic and general curriculum combines a warm and caring environment with a dynamic, challenging and creative co-educational course of study. Small class sizes and individualized attention mean that students can engage in activities they need to become well-rounded while discovering and nurturing the greatest strengths within themselves.

Berman Hebrew Academy, founded in 1944, provides a comprehensive Jewish and general education in an atmosphere of reverence, good citizenship, and love of the Jewish people and Israel. In partnership with the community, Berman strives to continue this journey, shaping a future for our students that is filled with purpose, accomplishment, caring and commitment to Jewish life and Jewish values.

Our graduates go on to our nation’s top universities and Israeli yeshivot and seminaries. They become successful in their chosen fields and leaders in their communities as they live as committed, observant Jews in today’s world.