A Growing Partnership: GrowTorah

March 1, 2021

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with GrowTorah, an organization that develops garden-based experiential and environmental Torah education programs for Jewish day schools. Through this partnership, our students, and the broader Berman community, will cultivate a more sustainable future driven by Torah values.

Over the summer, Berman school staff will be trained in the GrowTorah pedagogy, focusing on the core values of incubating emunah, environmental stewardship, compassion for creatures, and living Tzedakah. We will begin rolling out the GrowTorah curriculum with our Preschool and Lower School students in the Fall, bringing them to our outdoor classrooms to explore the Torah relationships between humans, the earth, and our fellow creatures.

We look forward to launching this program and sharing updates with our Berman community along the way.