Berman Mission 2022 Student Reflections

November 21, 2022

Sunday Reflections

Something I really enjoyed was a visit to the kibbutz Misgav Am on the border of Lebanon and Syria, where over 300 Israelis live. An Oleh spoke to us about why it is integral for there to be an Israeli presence at the border. I saw the location of terrorist tunnels and houses that Hezbollah uses to store weapons and explosives. It made me appreciate the Israeli settlers who chose to live at Misgav Am despite imminent dangers, because they believe protecting the country’s borders is well worth the risk. They truly devote their lives to Israel, which is something I admire. The visit made me appreciate that the state of Israel I am privileged to tour is thanks to people like those at Misgav Am.
Esther Berkowitz, 12th grade

Today we went to the hidden cave of Rashbi in Pekiin. We learned about the life of Rashbi, his challenges and how he was able to change his mindset even in the most difficult of times. Rashbi’s dedication to Hashem and willpower to do what was right is something that really stuck with me. Then, we hiked Nachal Amud which overlooked a breathtaking view of Tzfat. We ended the day with an amazing dinner and dance party in Katzrin which left us with memories that will last a lifetime.
Daniella Landau, 12th grade

Monday Reflections

Yemin Orde is a home for Jewish teens to live in while transitioning to Israeli life. They come from all around the world for education, safety, and a community. No matter where they come from, the madrichim want to support them and help them. The adults aren’t a replacement for parents they just give the support of the parents like one big family. When we arrived, we heard from the volunteer organizer about her involvement and experience at this youth village. At the end of our visit we went to their garden and took out fresh vegetables!
Shoshanna Udler, 12th grade

Tuesday Reflections

Today we did some touring around Ir David and the Old City of Jerusalem. The most eventful activity by far was the hike in Chizkiyahu’s tunnels. I would say it was freaky, but thrilling. It was freaky since the darkness was so immense that there was no difference between walking with your eyes open or closed. And it was thrilling really for that same reason- even though I was a bit terrified, the fact that everyone around me was having the same experience made things a lot better. It has really been fun to be able to bond with everyone over the trip, and to share our experiences and get closer.
Ayelet Solomon, 10th grade