Announcing Our New Head of School

December 20, 2022

Dear Berman Community,

I am thrilled to announce that the Berman Hebrew Academy Board of Directors has appointed Rabbi Dr. Hillel Broder as our incoming Head of School, effective July 1, 2023. Through an extensive search process, Rabbi Dr. Broder distinguished himself as a dynamic leader who is well-suited to take the helm of one of the nation’s leading Modern Orthodox Day Schools.

Throughout his conversations and meetings with lay leadership, administrators, faculty, students, clergy, and parents, Rabbi Dr. Broder demonstrated how he will be a collaborative and inspiring leader. His strong background in education, deeply rooted in Modern Orthodoxy, will help solidify and enhance Berman’s powerful and unique pedagogic approach across the entire school. Our school community has bold aspirations for Berman and Rabbi Dr. Broder is the leader who can convert them into reality and realize the school’s ideal future. Rabbi Dr. Broder’s full resume, outlining his extensive educational and professional accomplishments, can be found here. In addition, please see below for a brief message from Rabbi Dr. Broder.

While Rabbi Dr. Broder’s tenure will officially start in July, we anticipate welcoming him for several visits over the coming months, as well as providing additional opportunities for our community to get to know him better. We look forward to welcoming Rabbi Dr. Broder and his family to our Berman community this summer.

We would like to offer an energetic yasher koach to our entire Search Committee, who devoted the time and effort needed to successfully secure new leadership for our school. Thank you to our co-chairs Reuven Zakheim and Elan Burman, Ben Berger, Dafna Berman, Ben Galper, Shmarya Gasner, Adina Goldberg, Rachel Handloff, Ellie Kagan, Connie Lindenauer, and Gabe Solomon.

Mazal tov to the Berman community and may our community, like the lights of the menorah, grow stronger and brighter each day.

Chag Urim Sameach,

Benny Berkowitz
Board President

A Message from Rabbi Dr. Hillel Broder

Dear Berman Community,

I am humbled and honored by the invitation to serve as your next Head of School. This opportunity to partner with you is one that I assume with the utmost reverence and with deep professional responsibility and personal meaning. I am particularly grateful for Rabbi Dr. Kastan’s leadership and vision to this date, and I look forward to building on his work in our days ahead.

My visit and final interview last week confirmed for me the unwavering religious commitment, academic excellence, and caring community that is so unique to Berman. Faculty, parents, and students alike impressed me with their warmth and thoughtfulness, and by the end of my visit, it was clear to me how exciting it is to be a part of the greater Berman family.

In this vein, I was reminded how Rav Soloveitchik describes education, in his work Family Redeemed, as a “new fellowship” and “great adventure,” one shared by teacher, student, and parent. All take part of a covenantal community driven by the pursuit of Torah and worldly knowledge and wisdom. All are engaged in the creative and divine work of developing and growing Jewish children–work that is central to our very existence and dedicated to the service of God.

So to the Berman children and young adults: I am thrilled to embark on this adventure with you—to support your discovery and growth, to recognize and raise your voices, and to celebrate your great achievements and contributions. On a personal note: I, too, am a child of Silver Spring, and I have such warm memories of my years attending Berman as an elementary school student. My family and I can’t wait to return home. Go Cougars!

To the Berman parents: I look forward to partnering with you to best challenge, grow, and support your children. You have trusted us with your most precious possessions, and your wisdom and experience will be invaluable to our partnership.

To the Berman faculty and staff: In our days, weeks, and months ahead, I expect to lead, first and foremost, by listening to and learning from every school faculty and staff member. I hope to learn even more about your historic memory and vision, to be inspired by your passion for education, and to integrate the great values that drive and guide Berman to this day.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the Board President, Benny Berkowitz, and Search Co-Chairs, Elan Burman and Reuven Zakheim. Your leadership throughout this process has been inspiring and exciting. I look forward to our future partnership.

Please feel free to reach out and introduce yourselves – my Berman email is up and running.

With wishes for an illuminating and joyous Chanukah to the entire Berman community!

Rabbi Dr. Hillel Broder