A Message to Our Alumni

October 24, 2023

Dear Berman Alumnus,

In my short time at Berman, I’ve already learned how the Berman Hebrew Academy family extends well beyond the years and walls of our school. Indeed, we take great pride in our global community of graduates who carry our love of Israel and our collective responsibility for the Jewish people into the world. And while I wish it were under better circumstances that we were meeting, I have been so overwhelmed by your heroic stories of service, chesed, and advocacy on behalf of the Jewish people during these historically challenging times.

Perhaps this email finds you studying Torah in Israel for the year; perhaps it finds you on a college campus, continuing your academic education while combating anti-semitism. Or perhaps you are now serving in Tzahal, defending Medinat Yisrael and protecting Am Yisrael. Wherever you are, please know that we are thinking of and praying for you, and please know that you are not alone–you are part of a school community that is praying for your safety and well-being, and that is fighting back by building on your legacy of advocacy and compassion. One way to connect with your Berman family is through the BHA Stands with Israel WhatsApp group. It was created by Berman alumni as an opportunity for community members to stay connected and show the various ways they are supporting Israel during this time. 

Though you may have your own support networks, we wanted to offer an immediate resource for those seeking free, virtual support with professional and religious counselors in our community. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, 10/24, there will be a Free Virtual Support Group for Jewish College Students, from 11:00 am to 11:50 am. This group plans to meet weekly at this time for the next several weeks. This group’s purpose is to give students a space to share and process their feelings right now about the war in Israel and for many, the increasing antisemitism they are experiencing on their college campuses. The sign-up form and Zoom link can be found here. This group will be led by Dahlia Topolosky, Psy.D., and Nanci Brown, LCSW-C, of Integrative Therapy of Greater Washington.

Dear alumnus: On behalf of the school community, lay leadership, and administration, If there’s anything we can do to support or assist you during these challenging times, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You are, and forever will be part of the Berman family, and now more than ever, we are here for one another. 

With Hashem’s help, our community will grow even stronger, and even more unified in the face of this terrible, global hatred and war. May Hashem protect our brothers and sisters in Israel, and may we see peace and salvation immediately. 

With blessings for peace, and with care and concern,

Rabbi Broder, Head of School
Shmarya Gasner, Executive Director
Reuven Zakheim, President
Elan Burman, Vice President
Allan Houben, Principal, Upper School
Miriam Zaghi, Director of Student Activities, Upper School
Moshe Grosberg, Mashgiach Ruchani, Upper School