2024 Summer Math Landing Page

Please carefully read this important information about summer math work.

At the start of the school year (within the first two weeks of class), each math class will administer a pre-requisite skills assessment that will count as your first test in the gradebook. This assessment will not only provide useful data to inform instruction but also serve as a placement confirmation. 

Although your placement will not automatically be changed based on the results of the initial assessment, if you do not show reasonable mastery of the prerequisite concepts, the Math department may make a strong recommendation that your placement be changed, in consultation with you and your parents.  If you choose to remain in the class despite the school’s recommendation, you may need to do independent work to learn these topics in order to be able to keep up with the class. You and your parents may also be asked to sign a contract stating that you understand that you are staying in a class that is not recommended.

Please click on the links below for the 2024 summer work packets for each incoming class. This will allow you to review the concepts to make sure that you know them.  If you feel that you have already mastered the concepts and don’t need further practice, this packet is optional.  (If you are taking an AP class, please note that the summer assignments are mandatory, not optional.  If you do not do them completely by the first day of school you may be moved into a non-AP math class.)

If you do not know what class you have been placed into or need assistance finding the correct packet, please contact Dr. Kramer at kramera@mjbha.org.  

If you find that you need math assistance during the summer, remember that there is nothing wrong with getting help.  There are many online resources available to review any concepts that you may have forgotten.  The important thing is that ultimately you are responsible for knowing the material by the test at the beginning of the school year.  If you find that the material in your packet is NOT mostly review material for you, please speak to the school about your options, which may include reevaluating your math placement for next year and/or tutoring options.

If you have any questions over the summer regarding summer math packets, your math placement, or finding math resources, please contact Mrs. Jacobs at jacobsel@mjbha.org or Dr. Kramer at kramera@mjbha.org.