Head of School Search

Our next Head of School will inherit one of the nation’s leading Modern Orthodox Day Schools, which has enjoyed rapid growth in enrollment, steady philanthropic investment, and become a magnet for talented and committed staff. Above all else, we have phenomenal students.

Interested candidates should schedule a call with Berman Hebrew Academy’s search consultant at Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools, Amy Wasser. All inquiries will be kept confidential. Applicants should submit the following materials via email attachment to Amy Wasser, amyw@prizmah.org.


You are a servant-minded leader and understand that success is best achieved by unleashing the individual and cumulative strengths of those on your team. You model the values at the core of Berman’s ethos – a commitment to Jewish life and observance, passion for Israel, thirst for wisdom, mentschlikeit and communal responsibility. You have rich educational credentials and experiences, including a track record of stewarding skilled educators to deliver exceptional educational outcomes. You are someone looked to as a leader, mentor, and coach, and you thrive by bringing educational theory to life creatively. You are unafraid to dream boldly, but you are sufficiently grounded to distill those aspirations into deliverables. Finally, you build cultures of excellence and evaluation – where people constantly strive to deliver the best education to every student at each grade level.


As a collaborative leader, you will:

  • Bring exceptional people skills to create a collaborative and cohesive culture, which is empathetic and person-centric.
  • Instill a sense of unity, compassion, creativity, and pride among all of Berman’s stakeholders. 

As an educational leader, you will:

  • Solidify and enhance a powerful and unique pedagogic approach across the entire school.
  • Reaffirm a commitment to a vibrant ethos of Torah U’madda.
  • Create an environment where teachers and administrators will gravitate to you for guidance in maximizing students’ academic and personal potential.
  • Move the educational experience from great to transformative by cultivating growth, purpose, and autonomy in our students.

As a visionary leader, you will:

  • Drive Berman’s next phase of growth by attracting philanthropic investment and community support.
  • Make Berman a destination and a #GreatPlacetoWork for anyone pursuing a career in education.
  • Be a passionate advocate for a Berman Hebrew Academy everywhere you are, ensuring robust student recruitment and talent pipeline.

As an inspiring leader, you will:

  • Masterfully communicate in a way that energizes and ignites excitement while grounded in substance and rich thought.
  • Translate words into action by leading, systematizing, and managing a large and dynamic institution.
  • Set a tone for the professional leadership of the school and the wider community by modeling a mission-driven leadership and an environment that prides itself upon accountability, responsibility, integrity, and transparency.
  • Understand the community’s bold aspirations for the school and transform them into reality to realize the school’s ideal future.