ESS Coordinator

June 19, 2024

We are seeking a passionate, creative and nurturing educator to run our Educational Support Services department as ESS Coordinator. 

The ESS Coordinator is responsible to:

  • Develop individualized learning plans (FEPs) based on educational and neuropsychological testing and documentation from outside providers. These plans describe how each student learns best, areas of struggle or concern, and strategies to share this information with US faculty.

  • Coordinate any educational testing needed for a student, which includes communication with parents and outside support. 
  • Maintain reports and update as needed.
  • Act as resource for staff in the areas of learning development, learning strategies, and identification of learning disabilities.
  • Review support and strategies being offered to students receiving educational support. 
  • Ensure support plans are being implemented and amend the plans as needed based on feedback and testing. 
  • Provide professional development for faculty in supporting different learners.
  • Supervise Resource teachers to ensure that the goals of the ESS program are being met and that students are receiving the level of support needed.

  • Communicate with students, parents, and faculty on a frequent basis to ensure that plans are being implemented and students receive the level of support needed in order to achieve their learning goals.

  • Work closely with faculty to review their curriculum and assessments, ensuring that the students will be able to succeed. 
  • Teach Resource Class to provide support for coursework.
  • Together with the Middle School team, develop transition plans for 8th graders as they move into the Upper School. 

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to jobs@mjbha.org 

and include “Upper School ESS Coordinator” in the subject line.