First Grade General Studies Teacher

June 26, 2020

Full time or part time

Berman Hebrew Academy is a Modern Orthodox Jewish day school that provides a comprehensive Jewish and secular education in an atmosphere of reverence, good citizenship, and love of the Jewish people and Israel. Adhering to standards of academic excellence and exemplary moral conduct, it provides opportunities for each student to achieve the maximum of his or her potential, engaged with and contributing to both the Jewish community and the society at large.

The ideal candidate will have experience providing quality instruction based on an established curriculum, promoting high standards and expectations for all students in the classroom, working closely with school leaders to use data from student assessments to inform instruction, and above all else, maintain a growth mindset about his or her own teaching and learning. Our teachers collaborate in grade level teams to discuss student work, share best practices, and ensure student mastery of standards. In addition to classroom instruction, teachers’ responsibilities include forming and maintaining relationships with students’ families via e-mails, phone calls, and conferences.

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to jobs@mjbha.org with the subject line: Lower School General Studies Teacher.