Middle School Science Teacher (Part-Time)

August 19, 2020

About this Position

Berman Hebrew Academy Middle School seeks a part time science (Earth Science) teacher to
join our incredible Science Department for the 2020-21 school year. The ideal candidate will be
a creative and passionate educator who can work with a diverse group of learners, a team
player who seeks opportunities for collaboration, and has a background in teaching Middle
School science.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan and prepare for high quality lessons that include lab oriented activities and inquiry
    based opportunities.
  • Teachers will center instruction on high expectations for student achievement by
    establishing a culture for learning, providing clear communication with students and
    engaging students in learning.
  • Teachers will foster and manage a safe, positive learning environment through creating
    an environment of respect and rapport, managing classroom procedures, student
    behavior and organizing a safe physical space for student learning.
  • Teachers will instruct students on proper safe use of equipment, and maintain a high
    standard of lab safety and supervise students’ laboratory work
  • Teachers will communicate and collaborate with parents and the school community
    through effective and ongoing communication.
  • Teachers will participate in a professional community, expected to grow and develop
    professionally and demonstrate professionalism.
  • Teachers will have experience differentiating instruction to support a diverse student
  • Teachers will perform other duties to help support the culture of the school.


  • The ideal candidate will be a forward thinking, instructional leader who isn’t afraid of
    maintaining high expectations on students and is passionate about creating high impact
    lessons that bring the wonder and complexity of science to life.
  • Candidates must possess a minimum of 2 years of successful teaching experience and
    a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant content area.
  • Openness to collaborating with peers on creating strong academic learning
    environments and a willingness to participate in school activities outside of the
    classroom are also essential.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to jobs@mjbha.org.