Family Directory 2021-22 Advertisements

We are preparing the publication of our Family Directory for this academic year.

The Directory is a useful tool for parents and friends throughout the years. Its functions have expanded, and it has become a staple in almost everyone’s home.

The Directory is supported by the businesses that advertise in it. We would like to expand the number of businesses advertising in the Directory, and we would also like to expand the opportunities available for these businesses.

The cost of a full page advertisement in the Directory is $350.  Advertisers interested in feature pages, please contact zukermanj@mjbha.org for availability.  We will be accepting ads through Tuesday, October 20th and ad design assistance is available.

An advertiser in the Directory will also have the ability to place short messages of 100 words or less in our weekly announcements which are emailed to over 1000 people in the Berman community.

We ask you to assist in this effort by referring to us the names of businesses that you think would be interested in this proven form of advertising. Perhaps you have your own business that you would like to promote.  If you are interested in advertising, would like to make a referral or wish to send your ad for printing, please contact Jennifer Zukerman at zukermanj@mjbha.org or at 301.962.9400 x5183.