Patrons Circle-Anniversary Celebration


Diamond Patron
Cori and Jeffrey Berman
Dafna and Brian Berman
Debra and Denny Berman
Alana and Brett Fine
Ahuva and Aaron Orlofsky

Platinum Patron
Tamar and David Volosov

Gold Patron
Laura and Yossi Goldman
Connie and Erik Lindenauer
Manette and Louis Mayberg
Deborah and Dave Sloan
Tamar and Reuven Zakheim

Silver Patron
Giti and Jack Bendheim
Deena and Benny Berkowitz
Carol and Gary Berman
Alan and Fran Broder
Eva and Rabbi Hillel Broder
Moshe and Batsheva Broder
Deedee and Daniel Chefitz
Diana and Michael David Epstein
Michele and David Klein
Chani and Steve Laufer
Ahava and Ephraim Leibtag
Heather Rosenberg and David Perl
Tina and Neil Rosenbaum
Nicole Goldstein and Franklin Rubinstein
Shuli and Marc Tropp
Cheryl and Dan Troy
Shanna and Gary Winters
Andrea and Aaron Lee-Zucker

Bronze Patron
Barbara and Michael Blaustein
Michal and Chuck Boyars
Debbie and Sam Charnoff
Lisa and Jonathan Charnoff
Naomi and Moshe Chinn
Sara and Jeff Elikan
Nava and Menachem Ely
Julia Frankston Morris and Shmarya Gasner
Ellie and Hilly Kagan
Judy and Sheldon Klein
Sharon and Felix Kushnir
Donna and Jeff Lawrence
Allison and Louis Lazar
Beth and Jack Lichy
Pam and Sam Melamed
Jessica and Andrew Mener
Caroline and Eric Namrow
Rebekah and Yaniv Natanov
Debra Reiter Panitch
Shira Loewenstein and Rabbi Yehuda Potok
Daphna and Daniel Raskas
Sara and Darren Schneider
Shira and Michael Shmunis
Sarah and Jon Sicherman
Ann Wimpfheimer and Eddie Snyder
Alicia and Larry Stern
Arielle and Aton Teitelbaum
Aaron Toys & Family
Orlee and Joey Turitz
Miriam and Edwin Zaghi
Deborah and Dov Zakheim

Lori and Steve Abramson
Emily and Yoni Appelbaum
Brooke and Adam August
Jen and Elan Barenholtz
Elizabeth and Benjamin Berman
Ilana and Aaron Branda
Diana Schemo Breeze
Kim and Yisroel Brumer
Jackie and Elan Burman
Sharon and David Butler
Naomi and Ori Carmel
Chava and Rafi Cohen
Judith and Eliot Cohen
Rachel and David Cohen
Belle Davis
Carey and Behnam Dayanim
Sharon and Larry Dekelbaum
Talya and Mark Douek
Joy Sturm and Ken Drexler
Rachel and Yaakov Falk
Suzanne Wachsstock and Eli Fishman
Lindsay and Josh Frankel
Shoshana Parker and Ari Fridman
Merav and Ben Galper
Tobie Beckerman and David Gebler
Adina and Ari Goldberg
Miriam and Achi Guggenheim
Lani and Josh Heching
Rae Ringel and Amos Hochstein
Rabbi Allan and Lisa Houben
Suzy and Rabbi Ari Israel
Elanit and Andrew Jakabovics
Jill and Jonathan Katz
Aviva and Cory Lebson
Ina and Larry Lerman
Shulamith and David Lesnoy
Sharon and Jay Mazel
Michal and Duvie Merkin
Miki and Ari Moskowitz
Ellen Katz Neumann and Benjamin Neumann
Esther and Joseph Rabin
Keren and Ira Rabin
Arielle and Yaakov Roth
Sharona and Leo Rozmaryn
Ilene and Syd Schneider
Jennifer and Moshe Schwartz
Shira and Danny Schwartz
Sue and Arnie Schwartz
Miriam and Tom Selman
Yehudit (Judi) and Meyer Shields
Audrey and Neil Siegel
Jen and Steve Singer
Selena and Joseph Snow
Asha and Colin Soutar
Talia and Clate Stansbury
Ellie Levine and Daniel Stein
Chavi and Eli Szojchet/beBold
Sandi and Isi Teitelbaum
Adina and Dani Tor
Debbie and Jason Unger
Julie and Dan Vogel
Laura and Mark Warshawsky
Jennifer and Jeff Zukerman

Jr. Patron
Channah and David Charlton
Ali and Justin Dekelbaum
Samantha and Benjy Freedman
Malkie and Rabbi Tzvi Hametz