Rising Twelfth Grade

Dear Rising Seniors,

Below are links to summer homework. You only need to do the work for the classes that you are placed in. If there is no work listed for a class that you are taking, then your teacher has not assigned any summer work.

If you are unsure about your placement, please email me and I will let you know which class you are registered for.

Summer work is intended to be done throughout the summer so that you are reviewing concepts that will be important to hit the ground running in the fall. While all work is due on the first day of school, I strongly encourage you to space it out and not leave it until the last week.

Students, as you enter your summer vacation, please remember to bookend your days with Tefillah and to carve out time to continue your Torah learning. Even though there are not specific “summer assignments” for Tanakh and Gemara, being koveah itim, setting aside time daily for Torah learning, is so important. If you would like a chavruta or chabura during the summer, please be in touch and we will try our best to help you arrange one.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Have a wonderful summer,

Mrs. Popper




AP Calculus


AP Biology


English 12 Honors

AP English Literature