Rising Second Grade


Kriah and Judaics: Here are books on different topics including Shabbat, Chagim, and general topics that your child can read on their own. Please choose any book to practice Kriah for 10 minutes, at least twice a week. Your child may choose to read other Hebrew books you have in your house. 

Ktivah: Please practice Hebrew handwriting using the workbook אריאות כותב, for 10 minutes at least once a week. Your child may skip pages and work only on the assignments they can complete independently.

Summer Hebrew Chart: Please keep track of the reading and writing work that you complete by checking off this chart each time you practice. Then, hand it to your 1st Grade Morah on the beginning of the school year. Your Morah will be so proud to see how much you have learned during the summer!

Have a great summer!